Our Entrepreneurs

Here's what our Entrepreneurs are saying about The Strategy Masterclass.

"THIS IS AMAZING!! This is a game changing strategy to help people take their lives to the next level, personally or professionally!! I LOVE how you tackled obstacles before talking strategy."

Chelsea Gunn
Founder of Chelsea Gunn Designs

"I found the materials very valuable and insightful. They forced me to really reflect and do the mental legwork instead of simply feeding me answers. I was able to put onto paper ideas that I have had before, such as characteristics of clients that I do NOT want to deal with. Creating the negative persona for example made it so much clearer than what was just floating in my head."

Josh Sedgewick
Founder of Drafting + Photometric Consulting

"StoryWork's Foundation and Strategy e-courses have given me a roadmap to focus my precious "strategy" time and the motivation of understanding how they work together for progress and innovation. "

Aaron Marshall
Founder of Extra Mile Billing Co.

"Lauren Shippy offers us the inspiration and information we need to take an idea from concept to completion. No matter the stage of your business or organization, this e-course provides applicable tools to create new things, overcome challenges and drive profitability. "

Melissa Pierce
Founder of Epic Beauty